About Me

I’m so glad you found me!  Blogging is very quickly becoming one of my new favorite pastimes as it is allowing me to connect with so many amazing people!  In my blog you will find posts about the three things that I am most passionate about, family, education and cooking good food!  I love that this blog is the place where those three things can come together!

music teacher mumma about me

My Story

I live in a small town in Maine with my amazing husband, three kiddos (Lilla, 7, Virginia, 5, and Colin, 3) and 2 black labs (Missy and Bell).  I have been a middle school music teacher for the past 10 years and during that time I have grown to be passionate about many topics in education, specifically proficiency based education.

When I am not at school I love being a homemaker.  I love to find and try new recipes specifcally onces that I can make with my babies!  (On this site you will find many that I have tested out!) We live in a small but cozy house and my husband and I are constantly finding fun projects to work on at home.

Lastly, and most importantly, my family is EVERYTHING!  I love to spend time with them and although our little life is crazy busy, I so enjoy our adventures.  I love to travel with my loves (we are HUGE Disney people) and we also really enjoy spending weekends “up to camp” in the Maine mountains.  But there is also something to be said for spending time at home in your jammies snuggling!  Life is good!

I want to help people because…

First, it is hard to be a working mumma!  No matter what your occupation, mom guilt is a real thing!  I feel like moms can benefit from hearing about the struggles and successes of others.  I tried to focus on posting much information that I find helpful in my life in hopes that it can be beneficial to others.

My goal is…

My personal goal is to share tips and tricks with teacher mummas that I find useful around my home and my classroom.  Parenting is hard.  Teaching is hard.  Being transparent and sharing ideas can give us all a leg up on tackling each day as it comes at us!

I would love to hear any questions or comments you have.  Please feel free to leave them below!  I look forward to hearing from you!I

All the best,